Our company fulfills the orders in a reliable and flexible way with high level of expertise to ensure that we can meet the specific requirements of our clients in the field of manufacturing and conversion of cutting tools and components.
We adjust the order deadline for completing the tools and components to the needs of our Partners. This is made possible by our more than 20 CNC machines.

Solutions Metál Kft

Our motto faithfully reflects the fact that our company provides a complete solution for each of our Partners to meet their specific needs in the field of cutting tool manufacturing and sharpening. The performance of the tools is further enhanced by Oerlikon Balzers' hard, wear-resistant coatings.

Our company has a unique production management system that allows us to keep track of information on employees, production times and deadlines. The continuous evaluation of the results and the follow-up actions greatly contribute to keeping our partners and the high level of satisfaction of new customers.


Manufacture of metal cutting tools

Renovation, re-sharpening and coating of metalworking tools

Manufacture of machined parts

Experience and continued development in the field of tool manufacturing

Solutions for customized cutting tool design, manufacture, and transformation. Our company has over 30 years of specialized expertise that is essential to meet the unique needs of our partners. The quality of our work is ensured by the fact that we use German machining and control technologies.

Our company has introduced and successfully applies the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, which ensures the quality and reliability of our products and services.

Continued development

Our world-class WALTER CNC tool-making machines, CNC measuring machines and 3D computer design and simulation systems, as well as the air-conditioned manufacturing department guarantee the quality of our products and thus the future of our company.

Constant renewal is important for our company at the professional and technological level, while also continuing with modernization and market research.

It is essential for our development to continuously expand the number of staff who have diverse expertise, and to keep training our staff.

We maintain our machine fleet up to date with top German technology, which has always been a guarantor of competitiveness.

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